Friday, 28 November 2014

Silkkaa Punahilkkaa ja muutama orava

Pidin näyttelyn keväällä Onistuksen kauniissa Galleriassa aiheella TariNOITA! Settiin kuului vapaamuotoinen variaatio Punahilkka-sadusta, jossa hukka peri Mopsin ja Punahilkkainen tyttö löysi ystävän. Äänitteen kuvituksena toimivan valokuvan naamioperformanssista nappasi Ritva Ikonen.

Sain kunnian olla mukana myös Onnistuksen yhteisnäyttely Inspiksessä, jossa esillä olivat nämä stressiarat digitaalioravat.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Symbols of Good Times in Meilahti

Mail! We received our earth art pictures from Denmark with the Danish artists' twist on our photos. It's fun how the pieces evolved with their visit in Denmark. We see that the artists there really took the time to sense our world. Thank you!

To keep the communication going we took on the art from Denmark as our inspiration for November's Dear You assignment here in Meilahti, Helsinki. We thought about what symbols could communicate our thoughts of their artwork and our thoughts about the Dear You project in general. The symbols that popped into our minds were ones of mysticism, hope and celebration. We made stencils out of these images and started painting.

After our creative efforts our vast canvas had filled up with shooting stars, meatballs, bottles and variations of the symbols of social media and internet phenomena. This is who we are, this is what we see. Will you catch what we meant? Maybe you will, maybe you won't. The main point is that you try and in doing so, we'll meet each other half way.

(I wrote this originally for the Dear You -blog. Check it out!)

Friday, 21 November 2014

For Our Broken Hearts

Be thankful for the experiences we gave us
   for loving us as we did
   for teaching us who we are
            and for letting God in

Thank us for showing our true faces
    radiating in colossal light
    outshining our egos
Thank us for the ghosts that we cherished
   for haunting us until we let go
Thank us for opening up our senses to gain wisdom,
                                                                                  and light
Thank us for as we were
   for loving us as we did
Thank us for growth
Thank us for truth
Thank us for these lessons in our own strength
   that prepaved the way
Thank us for our loves today
   for letting them flow right left to us
   in the shades of passion, pink and gray
Thank us for this ground to grow in our roots that hold us dear
   to reach our branches to greet God's grace
Thank us for light
Thank us for love
Thank us for life
            Thank us
                       for us.